Orient: A Novel
in The UK
Published by Simon & Schuster



Praise for Orient

"Christopher Bollen's Orient might well be this summer's most ambitious thriller or this summer's most thrilling work of literary fiction."Ivy Pochoda, Los Angeles Times

"A gorgeously written book whose literary chops are beyond doubt. Come for the prose, and stay for the murders." Eliot Schrefer, USA TODAY

"The American author Christopher Bollen writes expansive, psychologically probing novels in the manner of Updike, Eugenides and Franzen, but he is also an avowed disciple of Agatha Christie."Jake Kerridge, The Telegraph

"Secrets, parochial gossip, casual xenophobia, proximity to a large water source and a decent body count: what more could you need from a thriller? Bollen's rich novel has all of the right ingredients and serves them up suspensefully as he tears down his version of the American dream."Fiona Wilson, The Times

"The quaint seaside village of Orient is not as pleasant as it seems, and Christopher Bollen will hold you spellbound as he reveals its secrets. A truly well-crafted and literate murder mystery that recalls the worlds of both P. D. James and Twin Peaks."Nelson DeMille

"Orient is a compelling novel of tragic suspense. Bollen has a gift for tightly drawn characters and an ominous sense of place."A. M. Homes

"Orient is a taut and elegant suspense about strangers and strangeness, suspicion and forgiveness, reinvention and confession."Joshua Ferris, author of To Rise Again At A Decent Hour

"Orient delivers literary pleasures of every imaginable sort—sentences that astound, a literal village's-worth of complexly engaging characters, psychological gamesmanship, small-town politics, class tensions, government conspiracies, and, as if that weren't enough to keep me avidly turning the pages, a murder mystery. Orient feels like the ur-American Novel, a brilliantly original hi-lo synthesis of Edith Wharton, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Judith Krantz, and Richard Price. Bollen is an ebullient stylist with the seemingly effortless ability to spin an addictive yarn while stealthily exposing the dark ambitions that churn beneath the surface of every human collective—country, town, family, marriage."Heidi Julavits

"A thoughtful literary thriller—The Great Gatsby meets Donna Tartt. Suspenseful, beautifully written, and wonderfully atmospheric, Orient is that rare treat that is both page-turner and a book you will want to savor."Philipp Meyer